Welcome to Pink Fedora Programming

What We Do

Hello! My name is Damien Switzer, and welcome to my website. This is sort of my place to talk about what I love to do. Which mostly includes:

Some Things We've Accomplished

Defense Overdrive is available now on Google Play!

    Defense Overdrive is an Action-Shooter Driving Tower-Defense game, set in a post-apocalyptic world where an alien threat has left the world in ruins.

    As the Guardian of the outpost, your job is to keep this place safe from any of the Invaders. They're preparing for a full assault so build up our defenses. Use your guns, car, and any means necessary to take them out.

Google Play

Bubble Twist

We made Bubble Twist, a free, fun, competitive game with a global leaderboard. Available for free on Android and iOS

GamesKeys Listing

We made a Sudoku App, available for free in the Google Play Store

Sudoku Master

We made a logo for waterfinder.ca